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Stargazers App is About to Revolutionize the Universe of Astronomy

Stargazers App

Stargazers app is the first mobile app which allows everyone to control Stargazers.Space telescopes from its own tablet, then take and share live pictures of space in just a few touches on a screen.

“Imagine being able to contemplate the observable universe from the comfort of your living room. Go from the heart of the Milky Way, to the clouds of Magellan, sailing by the sun and the planets of our Solar System.”

An innovative project

Stargazers app is an app connected to an IoT device. This solution allows users to control a telescope from a tablet and broadcast live video streams providing images of the Sky. Any user can then take his own pictures of Space and share them freely.

A project designed for everyone

Stargazers app is the most innovative, simplest and affordable telescope remote control solution available on the market. Stargazers.Space ambition is to make astrophotography as accessible as photography is today. Just point the telescope and shoot!

Stargazers.Space ambition keeps going. The Company also want to put emphasis on the science of astronomy and make Stargazers app solution and Space knowledge available free of charge to schools, through playful and educational programs and experiences.

A Work in Progress

Stargazers.Space have already created a prototype and plan to launch his app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by the end of 2017. In the coming weeks, Stargazers.Space will start building Stargazers app first two observation sites: one located in Europe and the other in Australia.

Thus, Stargazers.Space will be able to cover the two hemispheres at anytime (24/7), and then allow days (for sun observing sessions) and nights observing sessions. In order to achieve this goal, Stargazers.Space will launch a first fundraising campaign in the next few weeks to collect a minimum of US$ 50,000 as a part of the funds to build one of the first two sites.

Within the next 18 to 24 months, Stargazers.Space goal will be to build 10 observation sites strategically located all around the world. This will allow the app to cover the whole Sky and make Space and Sun observation available for a large group of users, whatever the weather conditions in their local place.

About Stargazers.Space

Stargazers.Space was founded in 2016 by four experts in technology and communication, and passionate about astronomy. Stargazers.Space ambition is to revolutionize this field of activities: Stargazers.Space work hardly to democratize Space observation and knowledge.

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