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I’m now officially done with all that college work. The semester is finally over! 🙂 Therefore I will be able to write more regularly. I will bring back all the weekly series that I couldn’t keep up with during the end of semester exam period. So now, other than the “Weekly Stargazing Calendar”, there will also be the “Astronomy Picture of the Week” and the “Follow Friday & Weekly Stumbles” series and possibly more.

For all of us science fiction fans, there are bad news: Stargate Universe is being cancelled. They will finish the other half of season 2, but there will be no season 3, as previously planned. This is really bad! Now there’s no *real* good sci-fi to watch, since SGU and Caprica are both canceled. So we are now stuck with vampires, ghosts, werewolves and other supernatural un-scientific stuff. This means that except for a few good movies, I won’t have much to watch during my winter break…

Fortunately though, there are a few good documentary series I would like to recommend. My favorite one is Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, a series hosted by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Each episode focuses on one technology out of science fiction that could theoretically become science fact in the future.

Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible

Another good documentary series, simply called “The Universe“, is also a good choice. It is a very interesting series about astronomy and astrophysics.

The Universe (TV series)

Also, I recently stumbled upon a new documentary show, Wonders of the Solar System, hosted by physicist Brian Cox. Although I haven’t seen it yet, it seems like it’s going to be a good watch. So I will have something to watch after all! 🙂

Lunar eclipse flowerAnd to conclude this post, there is something really original I stumbled upon. It’s a mosaic of yesterday’s lunar eclipse arranged into a flower pattern. It was made by Flickr user philliefan99. Since the image is copyrighted, I will only post a thumbnail that links to the larger version that he posted on Flickr.

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