Planets Viewed From Earth as if They Were at the Distance of the Moon [Video]

Planets viewed from Earth as if at distance of the MoonThis amazing video shows how the planets of the solar system would look if viewed from Earth as if they were orbiting around our planet at the distance of the Moon. Jupiter would nearly completely fill the sky.

This video is of course not implying that something like this could happen. It merely compares the sizes of the planets and our moon in a quite original way. It also makes us realize how small the Earth really is compared to the gas giants.

When a duplicate Earth is shown in the sky, it’s actually how large our Earth really looks from the Moon. That’s what the Apollo astronauts witnessed during their stay on the Moon, and hopefully future generations of explorers and maybe even colonists will experience.

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10 comments on “Planets Viewed From Earth as if They Were at the Distance of the Moon [Video]

  1. To answer your questions, Pluto would look much smaller than the Moon. Pluto’s diameter is only 2320 km, whereas the Moon’s diameter is 3476 km. So if our Moon was replaced by Pluto and if it was at the same distance, then Pluto would appear to be about 2/3 the size of our Moon.

  2. this is still a cool video, but what about Mercury, Uranus and Saturn, hell even pluto? (venus is omitted because it is roughly the same size as the earth.

    • Not to mention the gravitational pull of Jupiter is way bigger than Earth’s so if Jupiter was at that distance…You can only imagine what would happen to us ^^’

  3. That’s a great video. I’m not sure I’d want Jupiter quite that close however! I guess Saturn would be interesting as well, as you’d have to wonder what the rings looked like.

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