Monthly Stargazing Calendar for October 2014 

Lunar eclipse April 15 2014

On October 8 we will witness a total lunar eclipse. Such an eclipse occurs when the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow, or umbra. The Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red color. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, eastern Asia, and Australia. Continue reading

Space Internet [Infographic] 

Space Internet Thumbnail

The idea of global internet via satellite is nothing new. In the late 90’s several companies began projects to provide worldwide voice and data communications from mobile devices. Pioneers that failed to capture the global frontier: Iridium and Globalstar. Continue reading

Monthly Stargazing Calendar for June 2014 

Moon Phases Calendar June 2014

After a few months break, we are back with our monthly stargazing calendar series. On June 7 there will be a conjunction of the Moon and Mars. The two celestial bodies will get as close as two degrees of each other in the evening sky. The gibbous moon will be at magnitude -12.2 while Mars will be at magnitude -0.8. Continue reading

Telescopes for Children 

Celestron FirstScope

All parents around the world are often struggling with choosing the best present for their children, one that will be in some way useful in their development, but one that children will still enjoy. Astronomy may be a very pricey and time consuming hobby; fortunately, telescope manufacturers thought about the telescopes perfect for even the little novice astronomers. Continue reading

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